Books in the Soul Star Series

Odyssey of a Creatress

Madeline’s personal Soul Story began with a midlife wakeup call and became

a heroine’s quest to connect with a personal sense of her soul.

Feeling lost and disillusioned, she travelled alone to France where something

stirs deep within her psyche as she glimpses into a world of subtle energies

and hears the voice of her soul. Along the way she is guided by an inner voice,

She meets La Vierge Noire and is introduced to the myth of Psyche, she returns

home knowing she can no longer live life as an un-awakened soul




The Sacred Dance of Soul

 Your soul calls you to dance in tune with the pure creative feminine

essence and to reclaim the truth and beauty of your soul.

The Sacred Dance of Soul awakens you to a subtle, magical,

mystical and magnetic inner power that is your feminine intelligence.

It is often invisible and yet in your heart you know it exists.

Madeline describes empowering feminine archetypes and names new roles

for the feminine as the Creatress, the Persephone Woman and the Modern Mystic

The Sacred Dance of Soul is Book Two in the Source and Soul Series


Soul Star  Child of the Universe

A collection of poems inviting you 

To know yourself as a Soul Star.

Love who you are, a star child of Humanity

A unique manifestation of cosmic Source

Go deep within and ask yourself ~ 

Who and I? 

Your soul knows the answer to your question

You are the wisdom keeper of your soul

Books in the Source and Soul Series

Book One:  ODYSSEY OF A CREATRESS  A Heroine’s Journey to Uncover the Essence of Her Feminine Soul   

Book Two:  THE SACRED DANCE OF SOUL Your Inner Journey to Empowerment 

Book Three:  SOUL STAR CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE Soul Poems and Heart Wisdom

Book Four: LA FEMME GODDESS OF THE SACRED FLAME Colour the World with the Beauty of Your Soul   

Book Five: THE CREATRIX AWAKENS  The Soul Intelligence of La Femme Authentique – Available late 2023