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The Sacred Dance of Soul 

Your Inner Journey to Empowerment 


This story is for those who have embarked on a quest to uncover the truth of who they are here to become on the soul level of existence

This is a journey that leads us into a deeper connection to the love in our hearts and the wisdom of our soul. It is essentially the coming home to our creative soul self, an inner experience of a path that winds its way like a river unfolding before us. It is our feminine intelligence that speaks to us through our hearts with the language of our soul  

It is not until we hit a crisis in our lives that we begin to stop and question ourselves, to awaken true meaning that resonates with the truth in our hearts

Madeline describes empowering feminine archetypes through the story of Persephone and names a new role for the feminine as the Modern Mystic, both as emerging expressions of feminine presence in todays world.


“The Sacred Dance of Soul is for those on a journey of personal evolution; the quest for the relationship that once existed as a way of life, and a movement away from the superficial that currently rules much of our everyday lives.” 

Murray Beauchamp

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