A Heroine’s Journey to Uncover the Essence of her Feminine Soul                                                                           

Odyssey of a Creatress is a personal Soul Story of Madeline’s midlife wakeup call that morphs into a heroine’s journey. Feeling lost and disillusioned, she travels alone to France where she hears the voices of her soul. She returns home knowing she can no longer live the life of un-awakened soul.

Madeline’s memoir will guide you with simple poetic language, to awaken to the voices of your soul, trust in your inner wisdom and empower the essence of the feminine by learning to live your life as a Creatress. Odyssey of a Creatress is a timely reminder that reclaiming soul consciousness shapes a new awareness of the feminine and carries the power to bring healing and balance to our world.

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“In this book, Madeline connects to sacred unity through her soul consciousness. The idea of meeting this stranger, to most of us reading these words may seem strange at first but as Madeline develops her story she describes how soul touched her, how she related to her soul and was transformed by its illuminations, its guidance, and its healing powers.”  

Murray Beauchamp

Author of The Cryptic Cycle, astrology and the lunar saros