There have been some interesting shifts in energy recently that have stirred energies that need to come up to the surface of our consciousness.

At this time we have Mercury, the messenger God transiting the planet Neptune bringing up messages from our soul.  This Thursday, 28 March, Mercury goes stationary and then moves direct in conjunction with Neptune. These next few days are a powerful time when we can experience a wave of emotions arising and guiding us to hear the longings of our soul.

The movement of the sun into Aries brings the change of seasons and a desire to get on, make changes and take action meets Chiron and brings wounds into the light to be healed. This connects with all the planets that are still in Pisces with the major focus being on Mercury and Neptune, joined by Venus moving into Pisces today. Not only has Mercury been in a retrograde but it is also in conjunction with Neptune, which is strong in its own sign of Pisces.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, disillusionment, mystery, dreams and imagery. It rules the spiritual and psychic realms and mediums such as art, filmmaking, perfumes, romance, mystery and magic. It can represent distortions, confusion that leads to disappointments, loss and grief, which requires a letting go of the dream that is now over and can also be the letting go of the dream that was only an illusion.  The feeling of a movie that is now over, a dream that has run its course or an imagining that somehow was not to be. 

And then there is Neptune, the bringer of dreams come true and the reward for believing in your dream and having used your imagination to feed that dream. Suddenly like magic, your desire manifests before you and you feel so blessed to receive that which your soul desires.  A sense of oneness and a dream come true! 

The loss of a dream is something we all experience at some time in our lives but take heart and be willing to let the old dream die, when its time is over. Use this time to ask your self what is the essence of the loss that I grieve for? Take time out to go within to listen, get very real with your self and ask yourself what does my heart desire for the good of myself, and others. Take that essence into the imagining of your next phase of living own gift you are here to bring to the world. 

Your imagination is so powerful. When you believe in your dream, one that is aligned to the longing of your soul, the universe is empowered to assist you along your path. This is a time when magic happens; unbeknown to others it is the result of you having feed that dream over time and having trust that this is possible. So keep listening and being open to guidance for Mercury the messenger God is calling you to hear the messages from your soul. 

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Aroha nui from Madeline K Adams          

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