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A place to commune with the energies of the Sacred Feminine and Soul Consciousness

Our personal soul communicates through the intelligence of our hearts with vibrations of love and carries memories of an ancient past and a future that reaches throughout space and time


“I know the Sacred Feminine as all that

   is invisible, creative, magical and alive

   at the heart of all Matter”

                   ~ A Quote from Odyssey of a Creatress 

The Creatrix is the magnetic mystery of creativity. She is feminine intelligence that transforms cosmic energy and manifests new forms. She is the alchemy of becoming and the pure essence of the feminine face of Source 

Source ~ the primary energy matrix from which all matter originates. It is the heart of Universal Intelligence that is beyond pure consciousness

The Sacred Dance of Soul

~ Your Inner Journey to Empowerment

Have you ever felt joy in your heart, as you danced to the music of your soul?

The Sacred Dance of Soul is a guide to awaken a soul power that is subtle, magical, mystical and often invisible; and yet in our hearts we know it exists.

Your soul calls you to dance in tune with the pure and creative essence of the feminine within and reclaim the truth and beauty of your soul.

Learn how to become a Creatress. Trust in the heart wisdom of your soul.

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Books in the Source and Soul Series

The Odyssey of a Creatress is a heroine’s quest to learn how to live as a Creatress and uncover the pure essence of the feminine within. This is a story of Madeline’s awakening to the loving guidance of her soul.

The Sacred Dance of Soul ~ Introduces you to the Persephone Woman and the Modern Mystic. When you love yourself as soul, your inner glow intensifies. As you move to the rythmn of your sacred dance, you step into your authenticity and create your unique soul story.

 Soul Star  Child of the Universe

Soul Poems and Heart Wisdom


This is a magical book of poems to remind you who you are

And to uncover the gifts buried deep within your soul.

You are a Soul Star and you have a unique soul story waiting to be lived.

Meet the Creatress, La Vierge Noire and the Persephone Woman

Know yourself as a Modern Mystic connected to subtle realms.

~ You are the wisdom keeper of your soul

 “The secret to true happiness comes from living

 Creatively and authentically in every moment”

Published December 2019





This book is amazing because it takes us on a heroine’s quest into the subtle realms of personal soul.

We meet the Creatress and La Vierge Noire (Black Virgin) and explore the deeper meaning of the myth of Psyche 

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Images by the author on her travels to France in 1989 and 2011

Creatress, Dancer and Seeker of Soul

Madeline K. Adams

 A Creatress is guided by the intelligence of her heart 

Her soul consciousness connects her to the wisdom

of Cosmic Soul that lives within us all.