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A place to commune with the energies of the Sacred Feminine and Soul Consciousness

Our personal soul communicates through the intelligence of our hearts with vibrations of love and carries memories of an ancient past and a future that reaches into invisible realms beyond the dimensions of space and time


“I know the Sacred Feminine as all that

 is invisible, creative, magical and alive

 at the heart of all Matter”

                   ~ A Quote from Odyssey of a Creatress 

The Creatrix is magnetic, creative mystery and primordial Feminine Intelligence that manifests new form and transforms cosmic energy

She is the alchemy of Becoming, the essence of Creativity and the Feminine Face of Source

Source is the primary energy matrix from which all matter originates and the Heart of Universal Intelligence. Pure Cosmic energy consciousness beyond known dimensions of space and time

Latest News ~ A New Release of Book Four in The Soul Star Series

La Femme Goddess of the Sacred Flame: Colour the World with the Beauty of Your Soul   Available February 2022

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The Sacred Dance of Soul:  Your Inner Journey to Empowerment

2nd place Winner in the Ashton Wylie Trust Book Awards 2020

The Soul Star Series






My Story, Your Story, Soul’s Story, the World’s Story, the Cosmic Story

The Soul Star Series


The Odyssey of a Creatress is a heroine’s quest to learn how to live as a Creatress and uncover the pure essence of the feminine within. This is a story of Madeline’s awakening to the subtle realms and loving wisdom of her personal soul consciousness. We meet the Creatress and La Vierge Noire (Black Virgin) and explore the deeper meaning of the myth of Psyche.


The Sacred Dance of Soul   Empowers you move to the rhythm of your sacred dance and awaken your inner soul’s glow as you step into your unique soul story. Meet the Persephone Woman and know yourself as a Modern Mystic~ You are the wisdom keeper of your soul

“The secret to true happiness comes from living creatively and authentically in every moment”

A Finalist in the Ashton Wylie Book Awards.

Soul Star Child of the Universe is a magical book of poems to remind you to uncover the gifts buried deep within your soul. 

You are a Soul Star and you have a unique soul story waiting to be lived.This collection of poems each carry a message for you to trust in the dark mystery of the feminine; calling you to follow your heart and trust in the subtle messages that speak to you in the language of your soul.

A Creatress lives guided by the feminine intelligence of her heart and the wisdom of her soul She knows the energy of Source is the inner light of Cosmic Soul alive within every one of us

Madeline K. Adams is an Intuitive, a Creatress, a Dancer and Seeker of Soul

 Roslyn Publishing 

We publish books to inspire and empower readers with new Insights and Inspiration for the creation of a new World. Themes of a new philosophy of awakened Soul consciousness and empowered Feminine Essence, Creatress Living, Yin Intelligence and the Sacredness of Soul. 


New thought, new Archetypes and the re-birth of ancient Archetypes for the emergence of an Aquarian age of equality, the freedoms of authenticity and individual rights for all humanity.  

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